Our Company Policy is Quality - A clear Advantage for you!

It is our business policy to orient ourselves to achieving top quality for the customer and ensuring total customer satisfaction

It has always been our goal to manufacture and sell products which meet the demands and expectations of our customers and, at the same time, offer even more advantages.

For this reason achieving outstanding quality of our manufactured goods is one of our top priorities while at the same time guaranteeing that our company remains competitive.  What exactly is needed from high end products is of course determined by the customer. Our primary objective as far as quality is concerned can be expressed by the phrase "no room for error" or "100% correct".  Achieving this objective means we are always looking for ways to improve and are never satisfied with maintaining the status quo. It is important for us to not only find every mistake but to identify whatever it was that caused it in the first place. Because of our own stringent demands, we work with a quality manager in accordance with ISO 9001,  which is constantly being verified by regularly occurring auditing.

In 2015  our environment management system was audited after an intense preparatory phase and are proud to say that we have been certified according to  ISO 14001. By regularly training our co-workers and putting into place a variety of effective measures we are pleased to say we do our part to save on precious resources and operate with sustainability as one of our goals.

Owing to our quality we are viewed by our partners in the following way:

  • Consignment partner of Daimler AG
  • Premium Partner of IVECO Magirus AG
  • Consignment partner of Renault Trucks Deutschland
  • Consignment partner of Volkswagen AG
  • Certified truck body manufacturer of MAN Truck & Bus AG
  • Mercedes-Benz GU-Partner
  • Mercedes-Benz Van Partner and industry partner
  • Premium Partner of Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
  • Opel Certified Converter
  • Renault certified truck body manufacturer