Efficient refrigerated truck body saves considerably on fuel- even with trucks

Efficient refrigerated truck body saves considerably on fuel – even on trucks

Recent test drives undertaken by refrigerated truck body specialist KRESS have once confirmed this result, using their truck body CoolerBox2.0 for their trials.

Let the results speak for themselves: if you extrapolate the test drive (315 km motorway, valley) to 100.000 km , a figure which corresponds to the annual mileage you can expect in delivery service, you can expect fuel savings with the CoolerBox2.0 truck body of about 1.500 liters of diesel fuel. In this way CO2 emissions are also reduced by about. 4 tons. These kinds of figures will also certainly get fleet managers in refrigeration logistics to start doing their own calculations.

Here are the results of the test drive in the table below:


Current Test Drives Fuel Consumption Measurements CoolerBox2.0 Maxi

Chassis Type

220 PS / 162 KW EURO6 SCR

Wheel Base

4200 mm




265/70 R 17,5

Other equipment

3D-roof spoiler (MAN original)
Hydraulic Platform Dhollandia DH SM 15
Refrigeration unit FRIGOBLOCK FK 13L

Truck Body Outer Dimensions

L 6300 x B 2600 x H 2500 mm

Truck body Type



CoolerBox square

Date of Test Drives




Weight Total Vehicle (Tank full)




Route driven




Ø Velocity.




Max. speed








Ø Temperature




Fuel consumption




Spec. consumption




Fuel Savings




CO2 Emissions




The aerodynamic design of the truck body plays an even more important role at high speeds, e.g.for 3,5 Ton vans. But even in the case of refrigerated trucks the improved aerodynamic design of the truck body reduces fuel consumption, despite speed limitations.

to download high-definition photos simply click on the pictures ... (up to 5 MB)

Aerodynamic Design for more economic consumption and smarter design

The aerodynamic design of KRESS refrigerated or deep-freeze truck bodies is apparent in the cleverly designed smooth curves on the bulkhead of the CoolerBox 2.0 with its inset LED marker lights. Side-doors are flush-mounted while the hinges of the rear doors are built into the door panels. These details improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle with the so-called pooling region at the rear being considerably reduced. A current simullation ( wind tunnel flow ssimulation ) clearly demonstrates this advantage..

to download high-definition photos simply click on the pictures ... (up to 5 MB)

Less weight , less rolling resistance, lowered fuel consumption , more payload

KRESS already introduced their refrigerated truck body CoolerBox2.0 at the last trade fair of the IAA. The improved aerodynamic design was not the only feature to impress experts from all areas of refrigerated logistics. The payload and loading capacity were also of great interest. .

„Owing to our very own die DUROLITE®- panel technology, our refrigerated truck bodies are, on the one hand, very robust, long-lasting and offer incredible insulation“, explains Geschäftsführer Joachim Kress , „on the other hand, our panels offer considerable advantages in weight reduction.“

This of course also contributes to reduced fuel consumption via reduced tire rolling resistance and lower acceleration forces. Important for transport is certainly the positive effect on the payload and the loading capacity. The CoolerBox2.0 can impress here as well. You can find out more information on KRESS refigerated truck bodies here.

The Efficiency Refrigerated Truck Bodies from Meckesheim, near Heidelberg

KRESS Fahrzeugbau develops and manufactures refrigerated vans, truck-bodies and trailers for the commercial vehicle industry as well as directly for customers in a variety of industries. Our CoolerBox2.0 is available in various dimensions which are all standard as well as specially manufactured truck bodies tailored to the customer's specific needs. Optimised for the appropriate chassis. All our refrigerated vehicles areHACCP/ATP certitied. Approximately 500 refrigeratred vehicles are produced each year at the middlle-sized firm located Meckesheim.

Experience efficiency– KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge and their aerodynamically optimised CoolerBox2.0 Take it for a test drive anywhere in Germany.

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