KRESS CoolerBox2.0: efficient with every type of motor, for every base vehicle

How will food be delivered in city centers in the future? In an economical and ecological manner? Will our refrigerated vehicles be powered using conventional fuels, natural gas, hydrogen, electricity? Or will our vehicles be hybrid models?

Many entrepreneurs are asking themselves these very questions in food and fresh food logistics as well as in the food service industries. Bakers, butchers, gastronomy experts and catering and event management specialists are wondering about the same questions.

They all want to make the right decision when it comes to buying their next refrigerated vehicle. A decision that will pay off.

At the INTERNORGA – 09. to 13.03.2018, in Hamburg – KRESS will present various refrigeration solutions 'for the last mile' which is to say for economical and efficient inner city logistics.


The functional, practical advantages of KRESS aerodynamic refrigerated truck bodies– CoolerBox2.0 – will always hold true -regardless of the type of motor used

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Which advantages are we talking about ? Well, some can be perceived with just one glance:

The rounded edges at the fore of the truck body. These curves were optimized using simulation calculations, practical trials and test drives.

The aerodynamic design of the refrigerated truck body supports streamling of the base vehicle. In addition, here are a few important details:

  • for the most part smooth, gapless exterior surface of the refrigerated truck body,
  • recessed clearance lights at the head of the vehicle,
  • inset or recessed brackets which means
  • doors flush with the surface.

The result: Cw value, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions were considerably reduced

To download high-resolution images, simply click on them ... (up to 5 MB)

Other equally important advantages don't strike you right away but are still extremely effective and useful for every refrigerated vehicle consumer interested in economical efficiency:

Our CoolerBox2.0 is manufactured using DUROLITE panels. These composite panels-developed and produced by KRESS- represent the foundation for outstanding payload efficiency of refrigerated vehicles:

  • excellent thermic insulation of refrigerated and deep-freeze truck bodies. The desired temperature is maintained for longer in the cargo area. The refrigeration unit does not need to run as often and thus lasts longer.
  • considerably lower net weight of the truck body allows for a much greater pay load and simply more cargo.

Cargo size is quite simply one of the most important criteria for das ist letztendlich mitentscheidend für die economical efficiency of transports.

The robust CoolerBox2.0 truck body usually lasts longer than a car does. It can simply be mounted on the next chassis.

This happens fairly often too! When changing the base vehicle and motor type, the CoolerBox2.0 can usually be removed and mounted on a new vehicle without a problem.

From this perspective, refrigeration vehicle experts KRESS also offer their customers a secure investment.

„Regardless of the type of motor chosen, a refrigerated vehicle mounted with a CoolerBox2.0 truck body is an investment with a good yield. Especially if you consider the entire life cycle (Total Costs of Ownership).

„Already at the last IAA 2016 we presented a refrigerated truck with an electric engine.", explains Joachim Kress. „And you can already see quite a few of our electric refrigeration vehicles on the road being used every day. In the end, it is all about providing our customers with careful and detailed expert advice. To this end, our specialists at the home office or our sales representatives are always ready to help with their practical experience and up-to-date know-how. .".

To download high-resolution images, simply click on them ... (up to 5 MB)

KRESS Refrigerated Vehicles: A Brief Profile

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a mid-sized company which has been specialized in the development and manufacturing of premium economical, efficient refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies for over 20 years. Our plant in Meckesheim near Heidelberg produces over 500 refrigerated vans, trucks and trailers every year for customers from a variety of industries. KRESS works in cooperation with all well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers. KRESS delivers direct from the factory as well as via commercial vehicle distributors. We have service partners all over Germany and in bordering countries.

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