Permanently efficient- the strategy for economical refrigerated transportation

Transporting temperature-sensitive products in a more economic, cost-effective and yet temperature-secure manner? The efficient solution: optimizing the weight of refrigerated truck bodies via aerodynamic design.

Actually it should be obvious: the aerodynamic design of the refrigerated truck body of CoolerBox2.0 already shows in its appearance how it significantly helps the vehicle to consume less fuel which in turn means our environment gets fewer emissions.

„A refrigerated vehicle mounted with the CoolerBox2.0 is less wind-resistant. And also because of the smooth surfaces and flush-mounted joints.", explains Joachim Kress, Managing Director of refrigerated vehicle experts KRESS Fahrzeugbau. He adds: „You benefit from this advantage every time you drive- it always accompanies you. A fact which has not gone unnoticed by our customers every time they look at the bills for fuel. It simply does not matter what kind of motor is being used or what kind of fuel was put in. The laws of aerodynamics have to be obeyed! "


KRESS refrigerated van bodies are weight-optimized.

They are among the lightest refrigerated van bodies on the market. What follows? Lower net weight, greater payload. That is an advantage you will always be driving with.

This feature can be clearly seen on this 5 pallet fresh-produce vehicle, mounted on a FIAT Ducato. The aerodynamics and optimized design of the base vehicle, FIAT Ducato, are complimented by the excellent design of the refrigerated body.

The transporter, with a total permissible weight of 3500 kg, is capable of transporting a payload of 1200 kg. Driver and fuel are already included in these figures. The van body has room for 5 EURO pallets.

The refrigerated body is constructed using highly insulating KRESS DUROLITE® panels and the lightweight aluminium floor AluLT and is ideal for catering, fine food business, food service and restaurants.

This speedy vehicle is fuel-efficient as well and is perfect for use in the inner city, not to mention fast for regional transportation. The rearview video-system makes it easy to manoeuver, almost like a car.

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Trade fair reminder: Internorga

These fundamental advantages of KRESS vehicles - fuel efficiency and payload efficiency- can be seen at the INTERNORGA 2019, from 15.–19. March, at the trade fair grounds, Hamburg, Stand B6-131.

Equally permanently efficient: the classic two-chamber refrigerated vehicle for bakeries, food service and similar industries. The size of the chambers can be easily adjusted for freight and temperature owing to the dividing wall.

Quick and easy to load and unload owing to the 80 mm low-base chassis which can also be lowered even more, not to mention the rear ramp which can be easily folded away. Total admissible weight of 3500 kg, Loading capacity of 27 standard cases to be stacked. Refrigeration protection system ISOFLEX and 3-D-roof spoiler also serve to increase fuel efficiency.

Check out our vehicles at the INTERNORGA. KRESS expert consultants look forward to greeting you at our location at Stand 131 in Halle B6.

To download high-resolution images simply click on the images ... (up to 5 MB)

Quality is the best investment

KRESS refrigerated truck bodies fulfill all requirements of hygien regulations relating to food. In addition, for years they have been completely recyclable. High production depth and strict quality controlls help you to drive even farther with KRESS refrigerated vehicles and even provide excellent buy-back conditions. KRESS refrigerated truck bodies are easy to mount from one base vehicle to another, for example from a diesel vehicle to an eledtric one or powered by natural gas or should there be an accident.

Owing to expanding our production and constant process improvements we are able to optimize our manufacturing processes even more than ever which means shortening the time needed for manufacturing dramatically -which translates into fast delivery times for the customer. In this way, KRESS can be more flexible in responding to our customers' needs and requirements, be it for large orders or an individual order.

A brief profile of KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a mid-sized company which specializes in the development and manufacture of efficient refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies in premium quality. Located in Meckesheim near Heidelberg we manufacture each year over 600 refrigerated vans, trucks and trailers for customers from a variety of industries.

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