The aerodynamic edge in business refrigeration logistics

Aerodynamically optimized refrigerated vehicles save up to 20 % in fuel consumption. A key factor in making your refrigerated transport of temperature-sensitive goods as efficient as possible.

"It is simply a matter of being as efficient as possible and therefore as profitable as possible for all industries transporting temperature-sensitive goods and products:

Up to 20 % reduced fuel consumption! That was already the case  8 years ago when we presented the aerodynamic refrigerated truck body CoolerBox2.0 at the IAA 2012 , a significant advantage for our customers.

An advantage you can see every time you get a bill at the gas station “, explains Joachim Kress, managing director of refrigeration vehicle specialist  KRESS.

„And of course this fuel consumption efficiency is more significant than ever- especially if we think about the lowered emissions, a topic which has become more important than ever.

It goes without saying that we have been improving and fine tuning our refrigerated vans and truck bodies for refrigeration transportation ever since. “, adds Joachim Kress.

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"Yet another factor is significant: Fuel consumption efficiency and the concomitant reduction in harmful emissions are already part of the design of our CoolerBox2.0 .“

You partially see it straightaway. The edges of the bulkhead have been rounded for optimal aerodynamics. Marker lights, fittings and hinges have been integrated into the bulkhead through their recessed positioning. The outer surface of the truck body is completely smooth. Owing to this feature, the refrigerated truck body is much more streamlined, thus dramatically improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle and allows the truck body to cooperate with the aerodynamics of the motor vehicle in question. The user of the refrigerated vehicle saves considerably on fuel with every trip.

This is the case for conventional motors needing unleaded gas or diesel. And of course it also holds for electric motors as well as gas-driven or hydrogen-driven motor solutions. The consumer is always driving efficiently, aerodynamically and economically.

If a KRESS customer would like to change the type of motor he is using, perhaps because legal or economic changes have required the change, it is a simple matter to simply remove the aerodynamic refrigerated truck body and mount in on a new chassis. The refrigerated van or truck keeps on driving efficiently.

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Our KRESS efficiency concept offers you still more advantages:


The difference between empty weight and the permissible total weight of a refrigerated vehicle, which is to say the payload, often makes the difference between  refrigerated transport that is profitable and one that isn't- KRESS can help make the difference.

For the weight optimized KRESS refrigerated truck bodies are among the lightest in refrigeration logistics.  Our DUROLITE® Panels used in the construction of the ultra insulated refrigerated and deep-freeze truck bodies are a unique KRESS development. They are directly manufactured at the KRESS plant.

The bottom line is: lower empty weight, less rolling resistance, reduced fuel consumption, more payload at your disposal.


Whether you are doing a branch delivery or a bulk consumer delivery or home delivery service, time is precious since every minute counts. Especially when a delivery run includes ten or more drops.

The refrigerated vehicles have to intuitively easy to load. Regardless of whether you are talking about fresh food service or deep freeze vehicle. And the driver has to be able to unload quickly and easily.

Already in our top quality standard or serial editions, our KRESS refrigerated vehicles are very well equipped . For example the standard hygienic equipment: Heavy-duty floor pan with two drains, which are protected from dirt and pests getting inside. An additional bonus:  Precise sealing of joints in the loading area with fungicidal material (of course admissible by law). No mold to be seen, easy cleaning, impeccable hygienic surroundings.

Special industry-specific equipment variations give KRESS customers even more possibilities to achieve their own efficient and profitable refrigeration logistics.

KRESS also delivers highly efficient made-to-measure refrigeration vehicles. Expertly configured and equipped to meet the needs of our customers. For even more efficient refrigeration transport.

It is a piece of cake for the experts at KRESS since they have a whole arsenal of special equipment elements to choose from: for loading areas, load securing, refrigeration retention, doors and rear portals, hydraulic platforms or tail lifts, ways to get in the vehicle, multi-chamber and multi-temperature systems, refrigeration units, turning and maneuvering assistant systems, telematics and connectivity systems.

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KRESS expert consultants in our field and internal sales departments are here to advise you competently, expertly, thoroughly, honestly and fairly. In this way, our customers in logistics will have the clear advantage as far as efficiency is concerned.

And our KRESS experts know their stuff. Relying on technical know-how and personal experience from over 20 years in the refrigeration vehicle industry, our staff are here to help you. We have worked with a tremendous variety of industries and in the most varied applications. See our contact persons here.

Hot off the press: KRESS is now also a certified truck body manufacturer of the PSA Group

KRESS has already been a certified Opel truck body partner since 2013. Now KRESS has become certified as a truck body manufacturer of the entire  PSA group, including all commercial vehicles of Citroen, Peugeot and Opel. On 25. August Mr. Roy Illmann, key account manager of PSA Groupe truck bodies and conversions, personally handed the certificate to Joachim Kress.

A short profile of KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a mid-sized, family-run company which has been specialized in the development and manufacturing of economical, efficient refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies for over 20 years. At our plant in Meckesheim near Heidelberg we produce to customer specifications roughly 500 refrigerated vans, truck bodies and trailers. KRESS works together with all well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers. KRESS delivers ex works as well as via commercial vehicle dealerships. We have service partners all over Germany as well as in bordering countries.

Daimler - VanPartner, GU-Partner ‖ Ford - Qualified Vehicle Modifier ‖ IVECO - Einrechnungspartner ‖ MAN - Certified Body Builder ‖ Opel - Certified Converter ‖ Renault - Zertifizierter Aufbauer ‖ Volkswagen - Premium Partner

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