AluLT lightweight floor

payload bonus with all KRESS refrigerated vehicles in the 3.5 ton class

Refrigerated truck bodies with the new KRESS lightweight floor AluLT provides you with a payload bonus of up to  7 kg per square meter of loading area.

Whoever needs more payload, has the ideal refrigerated van up to 3.5 tons GVW. And who doesn't need to make the most of their loading area and maximize their payload? Food services and delivery services, catering, bakers, butchers, gastronomy, fine food products and  delicatessen products, inner city delivery services, also home delivery services and pharmaceutical industries are among those looking to optimize their payloads and we can help them with that!

How were we able to attain this level of payload efficiency?

By means of a new way of constructing floors which we developed specially for the van class.

A robust, stable and lighter type of floors, with all the hygiene and handling advantages you have to expect from KRESS. Owing to our innovative construction technique, we were able to reduce the weight of the already lightweight CoolerBox and CoolerBox2.0 bodies. Naturally this is of great advantage for optimizing the payload by adding an amazing bonus of up to 7 kg/m². That increases your payload by about 50 kg in a standard van refrigerated body.

By furnishing 3.5 ton vans with the new lightweight floor we can provide our customers with even more payload efficiency.

Extremely solid and durable

The surface of the new type of floor is constructed using a robust aluminum plate which comes in two variations: either a rippled or a barley corn pattern In this way, we have created a floor element which is extremely sturdy and strong while being lightweight at the same time. These panels can resist a great deal of force being exerted upon them such as for example loading or unloading with a forklift.