Our MultiCooler - a flexible solution

The KRESS MultiCooler is a refrigerated trailer which is characterized by a tandem, low-loading chassis, combined with a high-end polyester insulated body which is suitable for food use. With this model, the body is between the wheels allowing for an especially low loading height and a generally low height of the vehicle.

Temperature range:

Fresh food service- ("FF", 0°C) and deep-freeze versions ("Df", -20°C)


Tandem low-loading

Body type:

DUROLITE sandwich panels

Adm. total weight:

2000 - 3500 kg

Areas of use:

Meat industry, butcher shops
refrigerated trailer to transport and refrigerate meat products. When tubular roof tracks are installed,  this vehicle is perfect for delivering meats which need to be in a hanging position.

Food industry, party service, event services,
refrigerated trailer to transport and refrigerate perishable goods, distribution services.

The advantages of this model:

  • The perfect solution for fresh or frozen foods as well as for transporting meat.
  • Available in a variety of models and dimensions, fresh food or deep-freeze versions.
  • By only using high-quality materials we have created a product which is not only long-lasting but also demonstrates outstanding insulating properties.
  • By using a SER unit, the MultiCooler can be equipped as a refrigerated trailer providing refrigeration while driving.
  • Extremely long-lasting and easily repaired, should it be damaged.
  • Outstanding insulating properties, enabling considerably better refrigeration performance.
  • Right-angled and smooth-surfaced interior, meaning the cargo area can be loaded with crates or pallets much more efficiently and the surfaes are easy to maintain and keep clean and hygienic.

Special features MultiCooler

Aluminium floor pan

Inner floor aluminium-lined, high edges on three sides or skirting board welded to be watertight Perfect for heavy-duty usage and easy-clean maintenance. Surface is either rough with a bumpy or grainy coating.

Side door

An additional entrance on one or both sides of the body, making it easy to reach goods placed at the front of the cargo area.

Shelves and raised floors

Shelves or individual slats or raised floors are all available in a wide variety of configurations. The shelves can be folded neatly on the walls. Entire shelf systems made of aluminium or stainless steel are also available.

Securing your load

Lashing rails on the side walls together with locking rods or lashing straps are not only easy to use, they also offer the highest level of security.


Makes it easy to be used with either a car or truck. Simple adjustment of type of hitch (ball/loop) and height of hitch to various types of vehicles. Galvanized construction.

Retractable step

Sturdy step placed under the rear door makes getting in easy. Retracted under the body in preparation for driving. Large step surface  ca. 80 x 30 cm.

SER Unit

The SER unit represents an independent source of energy. It allows for refrigeration while vehicle is idle or in motion, regardless of the type of vehicle used to pull the trailer. Available with gas or diesel motor.

Insulating curtain

Insulating slatted curtain which is placed behind the rear door to reduce the amount of warm air leaking in upon opening the door. Built to be either immovable or pushed to the side.

Tubular tracks for meat

For easy transportation of meat. All reinforcements are integrated in the truck body and thus perfect for maintaining high levels of hygiene. The tubular track has adapter pieces on each end to attach it to the fixed tubular track. Furthermore, security bars are included to prevent the load from slipping during its transportation.

Multi-Temperature Systems

By using adjustable or fixed horizontal or vertical separating walls, we construct our bodies so you can easily transport a combination of deep-freeze, fresh or dried produce.

Reinforced support wheel

Heavy load-bearing support wheel affixed on a sturdy crossbar between the shaft bars offers maximum stability and is virtually indestructible.  Static load capacity of 1500 kg.

Reinforced support bracket

Heavy load supports affixed to sturdy bolted brackets. Easy to adjust owing to locking pins. Further adjustment made easy due to crank drive with removable crank. Static load capacity of 1500 kg per support.

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