Refrigerated transporter with KRESS truck bodies – lots of cargo space, lower fuel consumption

Our refrigerated truck bodies are durable, long-lasting premium-quality truck bodies for the transportation of temperature-sensitive fresh or frozen foods and other products. TÜV certified in accordance with HACCP and ATP.

Compact, aerodynamic design, low empty weight, advantageous for greater payload and considerably reduced fuel consumption. We make refrigeration mobile and efficient. We deliver the CoolerBox, CoolerBox2.0, CoolMAX as well as special editions as refrigerated truck bodies in a variety of models and sizes meant for fresh or frozen food delivery.

  • The refrigerated truck bodies are optimized for the chassis and base vehicle in question. Without limit owing to measurements provided by chassis manufacturer.
  • High quality materials and careful attention to detail in manufacturing serve to create extremely long-lasting truck bodies. They are easy to repair in case of damage.
  • Our truck bodies usually last longer than the vehicle upon which they were mounted. You can, for this reason, easily mount them on a new chassis.
  • Our robust refrigerated truck bodies have been built using DUROLITE®-Panel technology . For this reason we can claim outstanding insulation values and considerable advantages in terms of weight, stability, looks and finish.
  • Innovative joining construction, extremely durable glueing technology as well as welded stainless steel portal frame all combine to make our truck bodies robust, stable and torsion-resistant.
  • Carefully considered door construction as well as the use of KRESS developed DUOFLEX®- door sealant system profiels keep the refrigeration inside. Greater sealant protection combined with easy-to-open doors.
  • Our refrigerated truck bodies are among the lightest on the market. Advantages in terms of payload and loading capacity as well as fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Aerodynamic truck body design for favourable Cw values with proven reduced fuel consumption (Savings of up to 3 L/100 km); modern and highly progressive shape. Awarded the Red Dot Award 2014 for Outstanding Design.
  • Right-angled and smoothly surfaced interior. Optimal use of space for cases, containers with wheels and pallets.
  • Joint sealings using fungicidal materials. No mold, easy to clean and perfectly hygienic conditions.
  • All deep-freeze truck bodies are ATP certified. All trucks bodies have also been checked by TÜV for HACCP. Equipped for pharmaceutical usage in accordance with GDP.
  • After years of use, our truck bodies can all be recycled and have been for years.
  • Many practical, useful equipment components both in standard models and Special editions, for efficient and comfortable handling.

Refrigerated transporters from KRESS, flexible in city distribution, speedy on streets and motorways.

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