Refrigerated truck bodies for refrigerated vehicles: efficient industry solutions made to measure

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Put your faith in durable, long-lasting refrigerated truck bodies, aerodynamically designed for fuel efficiency and with sizable cargo capacity for greater efficiency in refrigeration logistics.

Refrigerated truck bodies with outstanding insulation properties. Optimized for all standard commercial vehicle brands, tailored for special business needs. Advantageous Solutions from KRESS Kühl-Fahrzeugbau, carefully designed down to the last detail.

We build refrigerated vans, trucks and trailers to reliably and efficiently  transport meat and meat products, fish and gourmet items, kebab, fruit and vegetables, deep-freeze items as well as milk and convenience products, not to mention baked and pastry goods.
Naturally we also manufacture special refrigerated truckk bodies for medication, pharmaceutical and life science products.
Our refrigerated truck bodies are HACCP-/ATP certified.

Refrigerated Vehicles for Food Online Home Delivery Service

Online Lebensmittel Home Delivery Fahrzeug

The KRESS CoolerBox City has been optimized for online food delivery service. Supermarkets now cater to the needs of their customers and deliver groceries right to the front door.  This service requires a totally new concept for vehicles and KRESS has met these needs with our latest development. 

  • Home Delivery Fahrzeug
  • Kuehlfahrzeug für Lebensmittel Home-Delivery
  • Lebensmittel-Heimservice-Fahrzeug
  • Online-Lebensmittelhandel-Fahrzeug
  • Lebensmittel-Home-Delivery-Fahrzeug

The KRESS CoolerBox City has been optimized for Online Grocery Delivery Service.

Supermarkets now cater to the needs of their customers and deliver groceries to their front door. This service requires a totally new concept in vehicles and KRESS has met these needs with our latest product development. 

Delivering groceries on a large scale economically while ensuring their freshness is not an easy matter. The fleet has to be optimized for this type of service in order to ensure efficient processing. The requirements on a vehicle for this type of sector cannot be settled in a short conversation with the customer especially since few users have any long-term experience to fall back on.

By working with a variety of customers and trying out different test trials we have been able to develop a vehicle which has been optimized for this market.

The Transporter looks more like a mail delivery van than a refrigeration vehicles. In fact, both vehicles are used in similar ways: stopping often for many deliveries, small deliveries and a driver who takes care of it all. These are just some of the most important features which must be kept in mind.

  • Getting on and off easily,

  • Cargo Room at Standing Height,

  • HIgh Capacity of Cargo Room,

  • Maximum Payload.

These are only a few requirements needed in a home delivery transporter . If all products available at the supermarket are also meant to be delivered then the vehicle also has to have various temperature zones: from deep-freeze for pizza to room temperature for cleaning products or beverage crates.

Handling the vehicle has to be easy, safe and efficient in order to make things as easy as possible for the driver.

To this end some helpful features might be e.g. rearview video system in order to avoid damage to other vehicles or automatic lighting system in the cargo area which is sensitive to movement and turns off automatically. 

The KRESS CoolerLock central locking system ensures only authorized personnel can access the goods while the driver is carrying out his deliveries. Owing to a  wireless locking system of the driver's cab the cargo area is also locked. In this way, theft can be prevented as well as stopping food from being touched or contaminated in any way while the cargo area is not being monitored.

Basic Information of the Vehicle:

  • Refrigerated Truck Body: KRESS CoolerBox City

  • Extremely  low loading height ensures getting on and off is easy

  • 1, 2 or 3 temperature zones

  • Large payload, up to ca. 1200 kg

  • Automatic cargo room lighting with motion sensor.

  • Rear view video system

  • CoolerLock central locking system

  • AluLT Litebaufloor, to ensure maximum cargo capacity

Should you have any question, require assistance or simply wish to request information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Refrigerated vehicles customized for bakeries and pastry shops

Kühlfahrzeuge für Bäckereien und Backwaren

The baking industry requires for the most part individually designed vehicles in order to ensure maximal efficiency in their logistics. From a standard vehicle for frozen raw dough to multi-chamber solutions to simultaneously transporting goods in two or three temperatures zones, KRESS delivers the best solution for the baking industry. 
Continue reading to find about more on the advantages of our refrigerated vehicles which have been customized for the baking industry....

  • 7,5-Tonner Kühlfahrzeug für Backwaren
  • Kühlfahrzeug mit Super-Tiefrahmen-Fahrgestell
  • Zweikammer-Kühlfahrzeug für gekühlte Ware und Trockenfracht
  • Bäckerei-Kühlfahrzeug mit dreiflügeligem Heckportal und breiter Trittstufe
  • Tiefkühlfahrzeug für Backwaren
  • Kühlfahrzeuge für die Backbranche
  • Zweikammer-Kühlfahrzeug mit quer- und längsverschiebbarer Trennwand ISOFLEX
  • Kühlkoffer-Fahrzeug für die Bäckerei-Branche
  • Kühlfahrzeuge für Bäcker und Konditoren

Our refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies satisfy all the hygienic requirements of the baking industry and are  HACCP/ATP certified.

You wish to be sure that the quality of your goods, including fresh, frozen and dry products, remains impeccable. Transportation means involving food must be easy to clean and maintain in order to protect the wares from contamination. KRESS vehicles are constructed in such a way so as to enable simple cleaning and disinfection. Wet cleaning is simply not a problem. 

Take advantage of our experience in manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles as well as our know-how in the industry. We provide you with professional advice right from the beginning.

You would like to transport and  deliver economically, efficiently and securely? Without leaving too much money along the way? To this end, there are a variety of factors to consider in choosing the right refrigerated vehicle:

Reliable temperature control, robustness, hygiene, maximum payload, long lifespan, minimum fuel consumption, practical features as well as a number of legal, economic and ecological requirements. Owing to years of work with the baking industry, bakers, specialized baked good logistics companies among others, we have accumulated a lot of specialized and practical experience, technical knowledge, to name a few.

The deep vertical range of manufacturing at KRESS makes it possible to customize refrigerated vehicles for the type of product in question while paying attention to the specific needs of the customer. Due to flexible serial production we can produce tailor-made refrigerated vehicles either individually or in mid to large-sized numbers, of course as always in premium quality.

KRESS refrigerated vehicles offer many advantages for refrigeration logistics of the baking industry bieten:

  • Aerodynamic design of the refrigerated truck body  CoolerBox2.0. With flush-mounted doors which mean considerable savings on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Optimized for the base vehicle in question.

  • Reliable refrigeration temperatures due to the manufacturing process of highly insulating DUROLITE® insulation panels and specially developed DUOFLEX® door sealing system profiles.

  • Installation of powerful refrigeration units of well-known brands.

  • Robust, torsion-resistent truck body construction through innovative joining technology. Reinforced surfaces in cargo area.

  • Greater payload owing to reduced (up to 25%) lower weight of our wall panels made using DUROLITE®-Technology (compared to sheet metal).

Special equipment packages for the baking industry are part of our range of products:

  • Standard one-chamber vehicles for transporting raw goods, half-baked and ready-made products at the same storage temperature.

  • Two-chamber solutions for the simultaneous transport of dry and refrigerated goods. The dry goods section for freshly baked bread with efficient ventilation. The refrigerated section for keeping sensitive fine baked goods reliably refrigerated.

  • Two- temperature solutions for simultaneously transporting fresh and frozen goods, dry and fresh products or frozen and dry goods.

  • Three-chamber solutions for dry, fresh and frozen goods in one trip.
  • Equipment to efficiently work  on a daily basis: Loading aids such as tail lifts, rear doors with three or four panels, boarding aids etc.

  • Special edition bodies set on low frames and extra-low chassis make loading and unloading at various branches easier. 

  • KRESS refrigerated truck bodies are certified according to  HACCP and ATP guidelines.

  • Easy to clean and thus maintain hygienic standards owing to the smooth, vertically placed truck body walls and sturdy floors with two drains.

  • Quality manufacturing you can see right to the smallest detail, e.g. fungicidal material for grout of the panels which is highly effective protection from mold forming in cargo area. 

  • Cargo securing system, shelves- you can choose from tried and true equipment components for your very own solution.

Long-lasting, reliable quality is important to you, not to mention large payload, easy yet efficient handling and low fuel consumption?

You want to make a smart investment which will reliably pay off?

Feel free to make use of our expert advice- with no strings attached. Simply call us at : +49 (0) 6226 9263-0

We are glad to help you:

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Refrigerated Vehicles for the efficient transport of fresh meat as well as processed meats and sausages

Kühlfahrzeuge für Fleischtransport

KRESS is a well-known manufacturer of efficient vehicles of long-lasting value for the secure and controlled temperature transport of meat, processed meat and sausage products. From smaller refrigerated trailers meant to be used with cars to flexible vans for city deliveries to heavy distribution trucks with tubular railngs we offer a full range of products with specific modifications specially designed for the meat industry, meat processing industry, butchers, among others

Read more on the advantages of reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions not to mention premium quality workmanship and equipment. 


Refrigerated Vehicles for the Transportation of Fish, Fish Products and Fine Foods

Kühlfahrzeuge für Fischtransport

Refrigerated vehicles for the refrigerated or deep-freeze transport of fish, seafood and other fancy foods. In comparison with meat is fish even more sensitive to temperature and the passage of time, thus spoiling more quickly than other meat products. For this reason, the refrigerated vehicle in question has to be completely reliable. Read more for the smart KRESS solutions for transporting fish....

  • Fiat Doblo for rapid distribution
  • Refrigerated and Deep-freeze Transporters in 3,5 to 7,0 t Weight Range
  • Deep-freeze vehicles for fish transport
  • Multi-temperature refrigerated vehicle for fresh and frozen fish
  • Multitemperatur-Systeme für Fischtransport

Freshness and absolutely hygienic conditions are of primary importance for high-quality fish, seafood and other fancy foods. For this reason, the refrigerated vehicle used has to be totally reliable. Tailor-made refrigerated and deep-freeze vehicles are essential for cold-chain management.

In order to ensure high-quality fish, seafood and other fancy foods, a number of factors have to be taken into account as far as the refrigerated vehicles are concerned: Robustness, Long Lifespan, Economic Viability, Hygiene, Efficient Handling, Reliable Temperature Control and maximum payload are irreplaceable for the quality of your products.

Take Advantage of Our Experience and Know-How

In the last few years we have manufactured dozen of vehicles, from refrigerated trailers for cars to refrigerated vans and refrigerated trucks, especially for transporting fresh and frozen fish, and delivered them to well-known customers. In this way, we have collected a lot of very detailed experience in the development and manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles for this sector, knowledge which we are happy to pass on to our customers.

It's not only about fulfilling legal requirements. We offer you a series of additional advantages.
KRESS is able, owing to a deep vertical range of manufacture as well as flexible serial production, to produce tailor-made refrigerated vehicles even in mid-range and large numbers of products.
With KRESS vehicles you can rely on a lot of advantages:

  • Reliable refrigeration temperatues owing to the manufacturing process of highly insulating DUROLITE® insulation panels and powerful refrigeration units.

  • Compact vehicle size, aerodynamic design in order to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Read test reports on the unique KRESS CoolerBox2.0.

  • Robust truck body walls due to reinforced surfaces in cargo area.

  • Our DUROLITE® panel technology offers you more payload owing to extremely low empty weight.

  • High-quality outer surfaces make for eye-catching vehicles on the road. 

  • Many extras which have been especially developed for the fish sector, are what you can expect owing to our years of experience and sophisticated technology: e.g. synthetic floors and stain-steel baseboards in the cargo area for easy transportation of fresh fish.

  • All KRESS DUROLITE® refrigerated truck bodies are certified in accordance with  ATP and HACCP guidelines.

  • And now only available at KRESS: fungicidal material for caulking of panels is effective protection from mold in the cargo area. Cleaning and hygiene are especially efficient.

Information which is made ot measure for your made-to-measure refrigerated vehicle? Simply call us- no strings attached! Also for a test drive. Tel. +49 (0) 6226 9263-0

The CoolerBox2.0 is available as a refrigerated and deep-freeze body for transporter vans and trucks, optimized for base vehicle of all leading manufacturers.

We are happy to be of assistance.

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Efficient refrigerated vehicles specially for transporting deep-freeze kebab

Kühlfahrzeuge für Dönertransport

KRESS speciality refrigerated vehicles for transporting deep-freeze kebab- with all the important features we are known for: durability, flexibility, easy handling, considerably lower fuel consumption,
Read more about the advantage of transporting kebab as efficiently and economically as possible...


KRESS pharmaceutical vans and truck bodies to efficiently transport pharmaceutical and medicinal productst

Isolierfahrzeuge für Pharmatransport

During the last few years, we have producted hundreds of vehicles for temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceutical products. We know exactly what is important. Get ready for the new GDP guidelines – allow us to assist you.
Read more about the KRESS special edition insulated vehicles for transporting pharmaceutical goods  ...

  • KRESS Pharma-Sprinter
  • Multi-Temperatur-Pharma-Lösung für Ambient und gekühlte Produkte
  • Pharma-Multitemperatur-Transportlösungen
  • Pharma-Fahrzeug für den temperaturkontrollierten Verteilerbereich
  • Pharma-Qualifizierung in der Klimakammer

EU GDP Guideline 2013 and other relevant guidelines and regulations are easily put into place by us using reliable, solid, technologically yet economically sound pharmaceutical vehicles- already approved for use in the pharmaceutical industry right from the plant. For an optimal, secure temperature-control management.

During the past few years we have produced hundreds of vehicles for temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceutical products. In this way, we have been able to amass a lot of experience and know-how with regard to developing and manufacturing vehicles for transporting medicinal products at a controlled temperature.

KRESS van bodies-  CoolerBox, CoolerBox2.0, CoolMAX – have already been qualified a number of times for leading pharmaceutical and pharma-logistical companies.

Medicinal products are usually, depending on what is needed, stored in the 2 to 8 temperature range or 15 to 25 range degrees C. We build efficient van bodies for frozen pharmaceutical products as well.

Our van bodies are robust, lightweight and long-lasting thanks to our DUROLITE® technology und DUOFLEX®-door sealant system profiles. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are considerably reduced. Many practical comparison tests prove it.

We deliver many pharmaceutical truck bodies with flexible two-chamber configuration. The size of the temperature compartments can be adjusted according to transport volume in question. The temperature ranges can be exactly adjusted and checked, regardless of the outside temperature. 

We use only components of the highest quality, such as for our refrigeration units, temperature recording systems as well as electronic data transmission systems. 

Owing to our deep vertical manufacturing and flexible serial production we can manufacture tailor-made refrigerated vehicles either individually or in larger amounts.

Customers using KRESS vehicles obtain a lot of advantages for the pharmaceutical industry

Specially for temperature-controlled transports with optimal temperature management:

  • Fahrzeugausrüstung zur Temperaturüberwachung, -aufzeichnung (Dokumentation) und Telematik (satellitenunterstützte Echtzeit-Überwachung und Dokumentation)

  • Mehrkammersysteme zum Transport unterschiedlicher Temperaturgüter in einem Fahrzeug

  • Qualifizierbar nach den gesetzlichen Anforderungen und Normen für Pharma- und Life-Science-Produkte (GMP-/GDP-Richtlinie 2013, Arzneimittel- und Wirkstoffverordnung (AMWHV))

  • Ready-to-use one-chamber truck body  ab qualified for pharmaceutical transport directly from the manufacturer.
  • ATP certified

GDP-Pharma-Qualifizierungszertifikat KRESS 28851 GDP-Pharma-Qualifizierungszertifikat KRESS 29100

Tailor-made information about your tailer-made pharma-transporter? References? Simply call us- no strings attached. Also for a test drive. Tel. +49 (0) 6226 9263-0

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