KRESS Refrigerated Bodies, Refrigerated Vehicles and Refrigerated Trailers

KRESS specially made pharmaceutical vans and truck bodies to efficiently transport pharmaceutical and medicinal products

EU GDP Guideline 2013 and other relevant guidelines and regulations are easily put into place by us using reliable, solid, technologically yet economically sound pharmaceutical vehicles- already approved for use in the pharmaceutical industry right from the plant. For optimal, secure temperature-control management.

During the past few years we have produced hundreds of vehicles for temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceutical products. In this way, we have been able to amass a lot of experience and know-how with regard to developing and manufacturing vehicles for transporting medicinal products at a controlled temperature.

KRESS van bodies- CoolerBox, CoolerBox2.0, CoolMAX – have already been qualified a number of times for leading pharmaceutical and pharma-logistical companies.

Medicinal products are usually, depending on what is needed, stored in the 2 to 8 temperature range or 15 to 25 range degrees C. We build efficient van bodies for frozen pharmaceutical products as well.

Our van bodies are robust, lightweight and long-lasting thanks to our DUROLITE® technology und DUOFLEX®-door sealant system profiles. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are considerably reduced. Many practical comparison tests prove it.

We deliver many pharmaceutical truck bodies with flexible two-chamber configuration. The size of the temperature compartments can be adjusted according to transport volume in question. The temperature ranges can be exactly adjusted and checked, regardless of the outside temperature.

We use only components of the highest quality, such as for our refrigeration units, temperature recording systems as well as electronic data transmission systems.

Owing to our deep vertical manufacturing and flexible serial production we can manufacture tailor-made refrigerated vehicles either individually or in larger amounts.

Customers using KRESS vehicles obtain a lot of advantages for the pharmaceutical industry

Specially for temperature-controlled transports with optimal temperature management:

  • Vehicle is specially equipped to monitor and record (documentation) temperature and telematics  (satellite supported real-time monitoring and documentation)
  • Multi-chamber systems available to transport goods requiring different temperatures in one vehicle
  • Suitable for qualification in accordance with legal requirements and norms for pharmaceutical and life science products (GMP/GDP guidelines 2013, regulations German ordnance of the manufacture of medicinal products and active ingredients (AMWHV))
    Ready-to-use one-chamber truck body ab qualified for pharmaceutical transport directly from the manufacturer.
  • ATP certified

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